Discover how to boost your metabolism and eat more while losing body fat and building stronger muscles… without obsessing over your diet and exercise habits or wasting hours in the kitchen and gym!

It is possible to ​boost your metabolism and eat more while losing body fat and building stronger muscles… without obsessing over your diet and exercise habits or wasting hours in the kitchen and gym!



Reasons You're Still Stuck

With yo-yo dieting , restriction and not getting the results you want 

(And how to snap out of it right now!)

You're crash dieting and under-eating

You're constantly talking badly about your body

You're only looking at diet and exercise

You're using exercise just to burn calories

You're only looking at the scale to track your progress

If you don't make these changes You will....

  • Continue gaining weight or struggling to lose weight, despite doing your best to keep calories low or exercising religiously

  • Continue obsessing over food and exercise because you will worry that if you give yourself any slack, the weight will pile on

  • ​​Continue to be unhappy with what you see in the mirror and wish you had more visible muscle tone

  • ​​Continue experiencing symptoms of a low metabolism, such as low energy, low body temperature, thinning hair and nails, and/or sleep issues

  • Continue to be always hungry - sometimes even hangry - and sometimes lose control over what you’re eating

  • ​​​​​And continue to feel confused and overwhelmed about how to eat and exercise to actually lose weight and keep it off, because nothing seems to work for the long run

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Imagine If

  • You could eat more of the foods you enjoy while still losing body fat

  • You slept well and had the energy you needed to enjoy workouts again

  • You knew exactly how to eat and exercise to feel your best and see consistent results in your body 

  • You could look in the mirror and finally be happy with what you saw in the reflection

  • You felt stronger, more confident, and more capable to take on life’s challenges and to pursue your bigger purpose



  • ​​You had more time to spend with family and friends because you weren’t in the gym or meal prepping every day of the week

  • You had the mental space to think about the things that matter because you’re no longer obsessing about your body or your health habits

  • ​​You were able to cultivate a deeper relationship with God throughout your weight loss journey

The Good News Is

Losing body fat in a healthy way, that doesn't sacrifice your spiritual, mental or physical health, isn't as hard as you think it is (or as hard as you've made it be!)


If you've made it this far, you ALREADY know that finding a better way is critical to lasting weight loss WHILE really being able to live full, abundant life that God has for you and that you desire and deserve. 

Which Of These Results Would You Like The Most?

I am not as hungry and I notice much less cravings for sugar and crappy processed foods





I’ve been eating quite a bit and actually lost a couple of pounds this week. I don’t feel deprived at all!

Alexis *

*Name has been changed for privacy


I’ve been conscious of adding more carbs as I was doing keto before (so big change!) I have actually lost weight the last 2 weeks!


Taryn was down 16 lbs, eating 1700+ calories per day and only lifting weights 4x a week with little cardio after only 3 months of implementing The Body, Mind and Soul Method.


She said: 


"I didn't have confidence in that past that I know what I am doing and would clutch to a diet plan like my life depended on it. Now it just seems so easy and effortless. I don't make food choices based off calories or carbs. It's automatic based off how I have trained my mind from your plan. And, I genuinely ENJOY what I eat"

Yes, losing weight in spiritually healthy way is totally within reach for you

(Whether you're starting from scratch or feel like you've tried every diet out there with no results to show from them)


...But they DO depend on taking a step-by-step approach

  • One that includes proven step by step strategies so you don't feel lost and overwhelmed.

  • One that has been my secret weapon for a revving metabolism that allows you to eat more while losing body fat!

  • And one that you will gratefully point back when you wake up and realize that you're losing body weight without giving up the foods you love


    AND you're developing a healthier relationship with yourself, with food and with God.

Want To Make This Your Reality?

Looking after your whole health with ​The Body Mind and Soul Method is your only pathway to achieve all of this, and more. 


It's time to experience freedom from restrictive diets and learn how to fuel your body with the right food so you don't always feel deprived and hangry!  It's time to get the weight loss and muscle gain results that you want in a way that works with your life and doesn't become your life!


This is exactly what learning the Body, Mind and Soul Method allows you to do!



I'm Taylor Kiser

Fat Loss Coach & Personal Trainer

I’m a Jesus-loving certified personal trainer and nutrition coach​who helps Christian women who are sick of fad diets speed up their metabolism so they can lose body fat and gain muscle while eating more.


Unlike other programs that focus on your body at the expense of your spirit, my 7-step Christ-centered approach looks after your mind and your soul as much as your body.


After recovering from an eating disorder, I made it my mission to use my nutrition and fitness knowledge to help women meet their fat-loss goals (and keep the weight off!) WITHOUT having to sacrifice their mental, physical or emotional health like I did.


I believe that health isn’t only physical. It’s emotional. It's spiritual. That is why I believe in health – body, mind and soul.


I believe you need to pay attention to nutrition and exercise, but not in a way that consumes your life and in a way that honors God and the body He made for you.



Heather's life was completely changed when she joined Fit & Faithful & Learned the Body, Mind & Soul Method


Fit & Faithful

Fit & Faithful Isn't A Weight Loss Program Like Any You've Ever Taken...


...It's Your Easy-to-Follow and Crystal Clear, 7 Module Transformational Roadmap That Will Walk You Through The Body, Mind and Soul Method And Will Change You...


From A Confused, Hungry Women Who Isn't Getting Weight Loss Results to A Woman Who Gets Her Results While Developing A Better Relationship With Herself, Food and God.


The proven, faith-based weight loss system that guarantees you will begin to make progress

Without Sacrificing Your Mental, Physical or Spiritual Health

Here's What You'll Learn

     This 7 week program will give you the tools you need to lose what weighs

you down - on your body, in your mind and on your soul

  • Module 1 - Renew

    Renew your self and body image using what God says about you

  • Module 2 - Reset

    ​Understand how metabolism works and assess if your body is ready for fat loss.

  • Module 3 - Replenish

    Learn easy meal prep and how to build macro-balanced meals for better blood sugar control and normal hunger/satiety signals

  • Module 4- Refeed

    Learn how to reverse diet to increase metabolic rate while eating more.

  • Module 5 - Rest

    ​​Reduce your stress and improve sleep habits for more metabolic benefit

  • Module 6 - Recomposition

    Lear how to exercise for increased muscle mass and strength

  • Module 7 - Recomposition

    Learn how to cut body fat in a healthy way that doesn't harm your health.

  • Module 8 - Reasses

    Learn how to deal with plateaus and set new and better goals for yourself.

Plus, When You Join, You'll Get

Guest Expert Interviews on Hormonal, Gut, Thyroid & Pelvic Floor Health

Advanced Strategies For Fat Loss Video So You Can Keep Making Progress

Meal Plan Strategy So You Spend Less Than 1 Hour Per Week Meal Prepping!

You ARE A Good Fit for The Program If...

  • You’re a Christian woman with at least 10 pounds to lose
  • You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and try new diet and exercise strategies that can help you reach your ideal weight
  • You’re committed to being patient and take consistent action to see lasting results
  • You’re ready to commit to your mental and spiritual health as much as your physical health
  • You’ve tried other diets before (and they’ve failed) but you’re not giving up and are looking for a plan that works

" The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."  John 10:10


And if you want to stop the thief from stealing, killing, and destroying your life through negative body image and restrictive diets and you want the full, free life that God has for you...while still seeing weight loss and/or muscle building progress...


This program is your answer!

You're NOT A Good Fit If...

  • You have an eating disorder or are in recovery currently

  • ​​You’re expecting a quick fix or rapid (unsustainable) weight loss

  • You refuse to track anything or learn about portion sizes

  • You are uncomfortable or turned off by talking about God

  • You don’t care if your dieting habits are harming your mental and spiritual health (and even your physical health!)

  • All you care about is the number on the scale

I learned how to enjoy food again, how to manage stress, how to avoid pitfalls of emotional eating and how to portion and lose fat in a no-stress, healthy and kind way for my body. Overall, I have freedom of my mind back. There are no crazy or extreme rules.


I can see that I am getting stronger and it makes me want to keep working out!







Leah *

*Name has been changed for privacy


I’ve lost 5 lbs and I eat way more than I ever have before










After only 2 WEEKS of learning this method, Amanda was down 3 lbs on the scale but MUCH more fat loss as she is gaining muscle too.  Check out that back difference!


She said "Well when I look back on my first process pictures until now I notice a huge difference in my back!!  Like, wow 🤯"

My Transformational Promise To You

When you Fit & Faithful, I will walk you through my proven blueprint for increasing your confidence, nourishing your body, boosting your metabolism, and building lean muscle. You'll get all the tools and skills you need to lose body fat while improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health!

Now You Have A Choice

You can choose to join Fit & Faithful because you know that you ARE worthy of investing in to get the weight loss results that you want...


...and you want to get those results in a healthy, sustainable way that looks after your mental, physical AND spiritual health.


Or, you could continue to believe that you are not worthy of investing in, which will lead you to keep trying diet after diet with little to no results.


You will keep trying diets that slow down your metabolism and creates an unhealthy relationship with food, with yourself and with God


In 8 Weeks where will you be?

What is your choice?

Okay, So How Much Is My Investment?

You could hire a personal trainer AND a nutritionist separately. There are going to charge you $100-$200 Per hour, depending where you live.


You’ll need to do personal training at least 3 times a week and meet with your nutritionist once per week for an hour, for at least 3 months, to see results.


You’ll spend around $7000 or MORE to do this!


Then you might need new gym clothes and maybe a gym membership. Maybe the nutritionist will give you expensive supplements to buy too.


The good news is that you don’t need to spend $7000 dollars to get the same results. You don’t have to spend half of that….or even 1/8 of that!


In Fact, You Get The Fit & Faithful Program For Free When You Join the Fit & Faithful Collective For A 6 Month Membership!

Your Membership Includes

New Workout Program Every 8 Weeks, Delivered By An App So You Can Workout Anywhere & Stay Connected To The Other Women Working Out With You (Workout Will Work for Home or Gym Workouts)

1 New Monthly Resource That Will Help You Reach Your Goals - Think Ebooks, Interviews with Guest Experts On Different Health Topics, PDFs, Resources to Help Grow Your Relationship with God etc...

2 Monthly Live Coaching Calls To Get Your Burning Questions Answered Live. One Morning And One Evening Call Available So You Can Fit It Into Your Schedule Easily.

A Private Community Of Women For Accountability, Encouragement and Support. I'll Also Be In The Group To Help You With Any Questions You Might Have!

My client gets incredible results in 6 months of support, and now you can get those too by joining the collective & getting The Fit & Faithful Program for Free

Your Investment

 6 Month Membership

⚡️6 Month Access to The Fit & Faithful Collective Membership


⚡️BONUS: 6 Month Access To The Fit & Faithful Program As Long As You Are A Member ($147 Value)


⚡️The ENTIRE Body, Mind & Soul  framework 

Handouts and worksheets


⚡️Private Membership Support Group for Support + Accountability 


⚡️1 Monthly Live Group Q&A Coaching Calls


⚡️New Workout Programming Every week 8 Weeks Via Private App


⚡️New Monthly Resource or Training






One Time Investment for 6 Months Of Membership

($37/month after 6 month ends)

Self Study Program

⚡️The Fit & Faithful Program


⚡️The ENTIRE Body, Mind & Soul  framework


⚡️Handouts and worksheets


⚡️8 Week Workout Programming

















One Time Investment

Your Burning Questions

Your Fellow Jesus Loving, Health-Minded Women Asked Before Grabbing Their Access Info On The Next Page

I’ve failed at weight loss before, what makes this program different?

I’ve got a busy life, how much time will this program take?

What if I don’t have money for coaching?

What if I don’t have a gym membership or can’t get to a gym?

What if I have a dietary restriction or allergy, can I still do this program?

What if I don’t want to track my food?

What happens after 6 months in the membership?

What’s your refund policy?

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you feel that I have not delivered the value that you expected after 30 days, I'll be happy to pull your from the program/membership no questions asked and give you a full refund.



Taylor Kiser

Here's Why You Need Fit & Faithful Today

We all wish we could have better metabolisms so we can lose weight and gain muscle while eating MORE.  We all wish we could know what to eat and how to exercise in a way that was simple and not overwhelming.


And, we all wish we could walk closer with God while fostering a better relationship with ourselves while doing so.


But, to get to that place of freedom, we need to take stock of where we are TODAY and take actions that will get us where we need to go.


Otherwise we sabotage ourselves and remain stuck in the same patterns (and crappy, restrictive diets!) for yet another year. And, since you're reading this,




I don't want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now, when you're stuck in exactly that same crappy, restrictive diet feeling hungry and not seeing the results you wanted. wondering what could've been if you only took action. If you decided to take the RIGHT steps.


I want you to wake up every morning with confidence, being ready to jump into God's word and excited to make healthy choices and workout, not already counting calories and forgetting what Bible verse your read 30 seconds after you read it because you can't even pay attention because you are just SO hungry.


I want you to feel FULL and FREE not overwhelmed and confused. I want you to be closer with God, to be proud of how far you've come, and the results you got, and to be proud of the big, joy-filled life that you have created for yourself and that you know that God wants for you.


And I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today.

Join Fit & Faithful Before Time Runs Out!


Still Undecided?

The only thing you risk right now is staying stuck, trying diet after diet with no results and missing out on the big life that God has planned for you.


And spending that like without a clear strategy to get the results you want without overwhelm and confusion. One that teaches you lasting principles, and takes you by the hand to execute them with confidence and clarity forever!


If you....

  • Want to eat more of the foods you enjoy while still losing body fat

  • Want to know exactly how to eat and exercise to feel your best and see consistent results in your fat loss journey

  • Want to look in the mirror and finally be happy with what you see in the reflection

  • Want the mental space to think about the things that matter because you’re no longer obsessing about your body or your health habits

  • Want to cultivate a deeper relationship with God throughout your weight loss journey

  • Are excited to try the 8-step Body, Mind and Soul Method. Even if you've felt frozen in fear and let down before, you're currently feeling renewed optimism!


    You're excited to know that, by this time tomorrow, you can be plugging yourself in to an easy-to-follow, yet supper effective method...


    ...that will change the way you view food and your body and catapult you into lasting results day by day.


    Not to mention, allow you to walk closer with your creator!


Did I just see you nodding your head?


You can feel confidence grabbing your access details knowing you have 30 days. It's simple. If you feel like you've gotten no value after 30 days of the program or membership, just shoot me an email and we will take care of it.


I can't wait to see you inside!