How To Lose Weight In A Spiritually Healthy Way Without Being Miserable or Hangry


...Even if you've been unsuccessful in the past!


Hosted by Taylor Kiser


BONUS: Anyone who attends the class live and stays until the end will get a FREE Fat Loss Lifestyle audit that will give you immediate clarity on what to work on to start losing fat now.







After this class you will be able to:


🙌🏻Use a proven method to lose weight in a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy way without having to starve yourself or rely on motivation!



🙌🏻Stop making the 3 biggest mistakes that Christian women make when trying to lose weight that are keeping you stuck with no results (this will save you SO much time!)



🙌🏻Stop always focusing on continuing to eat less and less and do more and more cardio to lose weight, so that you can eat MORE and boost your metabolism while losing fat!


Over 1000 women have watched this free training and hundreds have gone on to to lose weight in a way that is God-honoring and actually enjoyable using the method you will discover with me in the next hour.


Are you ready for that to be you? Here's why I'm confident watching this masterclass and discovering this method I created will be the best decision you make for your life today:


I'm Taylor!


And, I actually practice the method that I teach so that the method you will learn is not just theory, but tested.


I'm an ACE certified personal trainer, nutritionist and healthy recipe developer who has helped hundreds of  Christian women lose weight in a spiritually healthy way so that they can feel better and turn their bodies into fat burning machines, all while developing a better relationship with themselves, with food and with God.


I am also a certified macro coach and a functional nutrition counsellor.  All of these certifications allow me to understand exactly how food and exercise work in the body in terms of weight loss and muscle gain.


I am also the author of the faith-based book, "Eat The Cookie'" which helps women develop a better body image in Christ! 


After overcoming an eating disorder, one of my greatest joys is empowering women with the tools they need to ditch crazy restrictive diets and learn how to sustainably lose weight, and keep it off, for life. I don't want you to try to lose weight the wrong way like I did!


I can't wait to hang out with you in class!